Pantukan villages now have access to fresh, potable water

MORE THAN 300 families in Barangay Tagdangua are now enjoying a steady supply of potable water following the completion of the P1 million water system project of the Bangsamoro Development Authority (BDA), a World Bank-funded entity.

Abdul Razad Sawat, regional coordinator of BDA 11, the organization will also be putting up a water system facility in Barangay Magnaga, also in Pantukan. The project is considered as one of the early gains of the peace efforts between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippine government.

Barangay Captaon Cerila Engbino expressed their gratitude over the inclusion of their village as recipients of the project. She said the villagers had long been wishing to have a steady supply of potable water.

Aside from the World Bank project, Pantukan residents also benefit from the Patubig program of the King-king Copper-Gold Project (KCGP).

KCGP constructed a free flowing water system for the residents of Purok 4, in Sitio Patilan, Barangay Bongbong. The water system uses a 3-cubic meter plastic tank that supplies potable water to more than 30 households. KCGP made sure the water from the system passed the standards for safe drinking.

The construction of water wells, development of springs, construction of rainwater collection facilities and rehabilitation of existing water wells across the country is being pushed in Congress now. Representative Lorna Velasco of the AMA Partylist said House Bill 2009 seeks to provide clean water to every Filipino in the urban, rural areas or those in far-flung, remote, mountainous, or outlying coastal areas.

"A program on a national scale that could provide adequate clean water supply for every barangay in the country should be the government's primordial concern," Velasco said in a statement.

The statement from Velasco quoted her as saying that the "hygiene and proper sanitation are natural requirements to promote the health and physical well-being of every Filipino."

"The drastic climate change, the exponential increase in the population and the ever-rising cost of water supplied by the water utilities impose a great burden among Filipinos especially the marginalized," she said.

The mining firm KCGP said they will construct another tank to accommodate the load requirement for the growing number of users in the village. KCGP is a partnership between Nationwide Development Corporation (Nadecor) and St. Augustine Gold & Copper Ltd. (SAGCL).

SOURCE: | Ben Jason Tesiorna